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Gary Dranow, CEO & Founder of Modern Solo Racing

Gary Dranow was an equestrian rider at a very early age, and switched to motocross in his teens, becoming a professional motocross racer by age 15. After a brief interlude in Southeast Asia, Gary began his skiing career in earnest when he was hired as a ski instructor at Snow Summit for the 1973-74 ski season. He has been a ski racer and coach for the last 35 years, and is the founder of

His solo career began after listening to a fellow ski racer talk about his MINI Cooper, and the benefits of autocross to ski racing, Gary purchased a 2007 MINI Cooper S in March 2007, and competed in his first autocross at the Davis County Fairgrounds, while actively battling kidney stones. By July 2007, Gary had purchased a 2001 D class prepared Miata. In order to compete at events far from home while enjoying the comforts of home, Gary bought a 5th wheel toy hauler, and was then able to transport his home (and his poodles) in comfort to all further events. After several top 10 regional finishes, Gary competed at the 2007 Solo Nationals in Topeka, finishing 13th in the DP class. Following the Nationals, Gary purchased a 2002 Z06 Corvette. This purchase formalized the Modern Solo Racing Team, including Charlie Shelton as a key partner in the driver and car development team.

In addition to solo and ski racing, Gary is also an avid golfer, tennis player, and dog walker. In his spare time, Gary has been a businessman and CEO for the last 30 years. Gary is also the founder of the Modern Racing concept company, which started with, and now includes, formed around his involvement in solo racing.

Founder of and
2007 Utah Region SCCA Rookie of the Year
2007 Utah Region SCCA G Stock Champion
200713th place, SCCA Nationals D Prepared Class
SCCA Solo Safety Steward

Charlie Shelton, Driver Development

You know this guy. 'Nuff said.








Liz Dranow, Ph.D., Our Lady of Perpetual Indentureship

Elizabeth Dranow, Ph.D., received her SCCA membership and raced her first Solo race, last season, at age 36, after having obtained her learner’s permit 2 weeks before the race. Cloistered in academia, ‘Dr. Liz’ completed a Ph.D. in Parks, Recreation and Tourism (ski area management) in 2002, and worked as a faculty-level researcher for an additional 4 years, commuting to work on the bus throughout her career. When her husband suffered kidney stones and purchased MINI Cooper S (somewhat simultaneously), she got her first ever learner’s permit, and was quickly (and somewhat jerkily) indoctrinated into the Mysteries of a Manual Transmission. Shortly after her first event, she became a fully licensed driver, and hasn’t looked back since (much to the dismay of the drivers behind her!).

In 2007, her first year of racing (and driving) Dr. Liz won G Stock Ladies in the Utah Region SCCA Solo division, and finished 12th in G Stock Ladies at the SCCA Solo Nationals at Topeka. She has since graduated to a 2002 Z06 Corvette, and looks forward to tackling Super Stock Ladies in the years to come.

After working as a behavioral scientist at the University of Utah's Department of Family and Preventive Medicine until 2006, Dr. Liz now works on the website design and development for IDC, Inc., including the website and forums. She is also actively involved in the development and implementation of new projects. With a minor in statistics and an extensive background in research, Dr. Liz is heavily involved in data collection and management systems for and IDC, Inc.

2007 Utah Regions G Stock Ladies’ Champion
2007 12th place SCCA Nationals, G Stock Ladies
SCCA Safety Steward

Linda Shelton, Driver Development

Linda has been an SCCA member since 1991, and has competed in the following cars: ’77 Corvette, ’68 Corvette, ’89 Corvette, ’96 Corvette, ’03 Corvette, Miata, VW Scirroco, and an '07 Mini Cooper S. She has had numerous top 3 finishes at National Tours, and has had numerous 1st place finishes at the regional level. She also has extensive Pro Solo experience. Additionally, she was named Utah Region SCCA Female Driver of the Year 3 times. When not driving extremely fast, she spends her time organizing her family.

1st 1997 SCCA Solo Nationals, 1st place B Street Prepared Ladies
1998 SCCA Solo Nationals, 2nd place B Street Prepared Ladies
2000 SCCA Solo Nationals, 2nd place B Street Prepared Ladies
2002 SCCA Solo Nationals, 3rd A Stock Ladies
2005 SCCA Solo Nationals, 3rd place Super Stock Ladies