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Building great cars and drivers is our passion!

Modern Solo Racing provides a comprehensive approach to develop solo champions and championship winning cars through coaching and training, engineering and testing. We employ the best talent in the sport and utilize their experience and skills to result in the ultimate performance.

Modern Solo Racing wins 2008 SCCA Solo National Championship!!

The Modern Solo Team returned home to Utah with the 2008 SCCA D Prepared National Solo Championship. Team owner (and tire warmer) Gary Dranow, lead driver Charlie Shelton, and Liz Dranow made the trip to Topeka with the team's 2001 Prepared Mazda Miata (MX-5 with a 1.8 liter engine). After the first day of racing, Charlie Shelton was leading D Prepared with a 0.348 second lead over second place. Gary was sitting one spot out of the trophies on the first day, but was more committed to seeing Charlie clinch the National Championship, and focused on making sure Charlie was completely focused on his runs. On the second day, the lead was up in the air as second-place Steve Hoelscher took the lead during the second run. Charlie came back on the third and final run to clinch the National Championship. Keith Brown finished in the third place overall, with the fastest time in the class on the on second day. CONGRATULATIONS to Charlie Shelton, 2008 SCCA Solo National Champion, lead driver for Modern Solo Racing! And the Modern Solo Racing Team would like to thank everyone who helped make this championship possible, with particular thanks to Ron and Paula Baker, without whom we wouldn't have a National Championship car.

More on the 2008 SCCA Solo National Championships to come. Stay tuned!!!!