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MODERN SOLO RACING is extremely pleased and proud of the team of coaching, driving and car development talent we have put together. The MODERN SOLO RACING team have each independently devoted decades to studying at an intense level the ever changing nature of the top rung performance driving being displayed by the top drivers across the country. Collectively we have used what we have learned to develop the foundational skills and techniques as well as car performance development to field a team intent on National Tour and Pro Tour level competition. We now bring that wealth of knowledge to our driving team as well as our forum and website membership.

The mission of MODERN SOLO RACING is to share with recreational drivers and SOLOISTS the technical principles that make such upper level driving possible, and to make available a means for those any car owner/driver to assimilate the technical skills into their own racing experience.

This is a ground breaking undertaking. To date such information and training has been virtually reserved for a few schools with limited scoop and technology. The daily driver interested in auto racing who lacked the time, money, youth, or inclination to pursue one of these programs were unfortunately left in the dark as to the time tested methods these high level training programs held for ramping from regional events to the next level, divisional and national tour competition.

Our desire is to end that void and finally make available to everyone that priceless technical knowledge and those highly effective training methods. And while we bill it as a racing orientated effort, we also believe that the information we are making available will serve as an invaluable asset to all drivers and car owners who have a desire to explore new possibilities in their driving skill potential and car performance potential in safe controlled environments.

The best SOLOISTS spend countless hours honing their driving skills, and for good reason. It is those skills that make it possible to negotiate a technical SOLO course in a precise and efficient manner that appears almost effortless. It is those foundational skills and techniques that we will share here. Through our progressive series of instructional media we offer an easy to understand and follow sequential training guide to take all drivers from whatever skill level they currently occupy to as high up the ability ladder as they desire to ascend.

So how do we do that? First, we refrain from blowing smoke at people. Some instructional schools claim to provide a fast track to expert driving or car preparation. Learn a couple key concepts and techniques, they claim, and you can become a consistent performer. This is marketing hype, and the truly great drivers know it. Only an integrated car and driver approach with logical building blocks produces a great experience week in and week out. Breaking it out in logical time tested steps and creating a easy to use reference as well as real world experience through comprehensive clinics dealing with both car and driver as an integrated unit will produce long lasting results for the weekend or tour minded auto sport competitor.

By strategically allying with the best vendors, experienced past champions, building our own proving ground with a team competing across classes and auto makers we will open the doors to SOLO racing to a much larger and varied community.

Itís a family sport, a family experience and it gets in your blood. It is in our blood and that is why we driven to share our love of the sport with as many enthusiasts and potential enthusiasts as possible. home of the Driver Development Network.